Options for Men… the Priapus shot


Named after the Greek god of fertility, the Priapus Shot™ is a series of six penile injections that rejuvenate a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. These injections restore proper blood flow into and out of the penis and boost erection quality by a staggering 98 percent!

Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. recently pioneered an ingenious application of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy called the Priapus Shot™, which has helped thousands of men achieve new levels of sexual potency, performance, and pleasure. In addition, more than half the men who receive the Priapus Shot™ report measurable penile enhancement.

Here are a few of the improvements Dr. Runels’ patients report:

Better quality of erection (5-point increase on the 25-point scale used by doctors)

Sixty percent report an increase in at least a ½ inch in penis length and girth

Feeling like you’ve turned back to clock on your love life

Increases blood flow to the penis by opening the small arteries and capillaries without creating systemic vascular side effects like Viagra and other medications

Since PRP is derived from your own body, there have never been any reported systemic side effects.

Takes one-three weeks to see results; full effects are achieved within three months

Effects typically last over a year.



Priapus Shot consent

Priapus shot brochure

PRP for sexual dysfunction


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