Vulvar Facial with High frequency


Ingrown hairs, acne, lumps, and bumps, can happen to your face… and other places.  There are a myriad of treatments for your face, that can be applied elsewhere!  This technology has been in existence since the last century. The very first high frequency current device was pioneered by an inventor known as Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval and it is known to us today as d’Arsonaval. The device works by sending high electrical current frequencies through glass electrodes to your skin. When the thermal and electrical energy reaches the skin cells, it stimulates them and produces collagen and kills bacteria.

Studies have shown that the application of such therapy results in more collagen and elasticity in the skin.

Glass tubes which are filled with neon or argon gas transmit a mild high frequency electrical current to the skin. Relax, it will not electrocute you! It produces ozone, which smells like air after the rain. This infuses skin with oxygen molecules encouraging blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Serum may be applied to the skin depending on the condition that is being treated.


Reduction of bacteria
Oxygenation of the skin
Aids in product absorption by the skinEncourages production of collagen and elastin for skin healing
Oxygen supplementation for cells increasing blood flow to the skin

Consider for:

Vulvar rejuvenation

Hidradenitis Supperativa

Fissure of Anus

Genital Warts


Vulvar Boils

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